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Ricardo Kayanan 3D Artist
Work Experience

Cogswell College, 2016-Present

Title: Department Director of Game Design and Development. Responsibilities: Oversee the administrative aspects of the Game Design department. Instruct classes in game design and game art.

The Art Institute, 2011-2016
Title: Instructor. Responsibilities: Develop and implement courses (Game assets, Character modeling, Mapping and Texturing etc.) for the Game Art and Design department.

Finger Puppet Games, 2011
Title: 3D Artist. Responsibilities: Model, texture, rig, and animate characters. Model and texture levels and assets. Target platform: iPad/iPhone.

Activision/Blizzard Luxoflux, CA 2008-2009
Title: Contract character artist. Responsibilities: Modeled hi res characters, vehicles and props used for normal mapping.

     Transformers 2 Xbox 360
     Created 4 hi res Character Robots, 5 vehicles and 4 weapons.

THQ/Locomotive Games (formerly known as PCP&L), CA 2003-2008
Title: 3D Artist. Responsibilities: Modeled and textured Characters, Levels and Assets for PS2, PSP and Wii titles.


     Ratatouille PSP
     Created 25 in-game characters including playable main characters as well as NPCs.
     Created 30 enemy characters.
     Created 5 levels and all assets within that level.
     Created Hi poly models and sets for FMVs.


     Destroy All Humans! Big Willy Unleashed Wii
     Created main playable characters.
     Created Hi poly characters and set models for FMVs.


     Cars PSP
     Created over 15 playable characters including alternate versions of character cars.
     Created various level assets.
     Created Hi poly models and sets for FMVs.


     Power Rangers Dino Thunder PS2
     Created enemy character models.
     Created Power Rangers for FMVs.
     Created art assets for levels.


     Stuntman Wii (Did not ship)
     Created main stuntman characters as well as various NPCs.
     Created 1 level and all assets within level.
     Created 3 LoD versions of Stuntman characters.


    The Incredibles PSP (Did not ship)
     Created main characters.
     Created various levels and assets.

Big Ape Productions, CA 2002-2003
Title: Modeler. Responsibilities: Modeled and textured Characters, Levels and Assets for PS2 titles. Project: 3rd person shooter for PS2. (Untitled, did not ship) Publisher: Midway Games.

CBS News, CA 2003
Title: Contract Designer. Responsibilities: Compose on air graphics for CBS News San Francisco.

Digital print production and graphic design 1990- 2002

Creative Network Systems (CNS), NY
Clients: Lyons, Lavey, Nickel, Smith, NY, Solomon Smith Barney, American Express. 

Random House Value Publishing, NJ


ZBrush, Maya, Substance Painter, Photoshop,  various game editors, and asset management tools.


Academy of Art, San Francisco, California 2013-2018

M.F.A.  Animation and Visual Effects: 3D Character Modeling

Otis/Parsons School of Design, Los Angeles, California 1986-1990
B. F. A. Illustration/Communication Design.

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